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Front FLO 60 Carbon Clincher
Disc Brake

The all new FLO 60 Carbon Clincher. The best combination of aerodynamics and cross wind stability, and nearly a 1/2lb lighter than our Aluminum + Carbon version. Perfect for triathletes, road racers, and recreational riders looking for the ultimate front wheel.

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Price: $599

Rider Type

Is this wheel for you?

Triathlon/Time Trial

The front FLO 60 Carbon Clincher is the best front wheel for most triathletes and time trialists. It offers the optimal blend of aerodynamics and crosswind stability. Even though a front FLO 90 may be faster on paper, some riders will have a hard time controlling the wheel in crosswinds, and will need to leave their aerobars to control the bike. This will make you slower. Most athletes can comfortably ride in crosswinds with a front FLO 60 making it the best front wheel for the majority of riders. Consider our Carbon Clincher FLO 45 if you are very sensitive to crosswind, or our FLO 90 for an extra aero benefit ONLY if you can stay in the aerobars while riding it.

Road Racing

The front FLO 60 Carbon Clincher makes an excellent front wheel for crits and stage races because it's both aero and lightweight. Also consider our Carbon Clincher FLO 45 if you want a lighter wheel that is less affected by crosswinds, and our FLO 90 if you want an extra aero advantage.


The front FLO 60 Carbon Clincher is an excellent front wheel for recreational riders. It's lightweight and offers a great aerodynamic benefit. If you're looking for a lighter wheel that is less affected by crosswinds, consider our Carbon Clincher FLO 45.

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Data Driven Design

Rim Shapes Optimized Using Real World Data

Using 110,000 data points collected while riding on the road, we developed a custom optimization algorithm that intelligenty tested 500 prototypes to find the fastest rims shapes we've ever created. For more information on this process, visit our Aero page.

FLO Aero Data



* All wheels tested at the A2 Wind Tunnel with a 700c x 23mm Continental GP4000S II tire.

* Tunnel wind speed set to 30mph.

* Tare removed. Learn More.

* Mavic Open Pro was a front wheel with 32 round spokes and a 700c x 23mm Continental GP4000s II tire.

* All aero data recorded with rim brake wheels.

Time Savings with FLO Wheels

Wheel 40k Ironman
2013 FLO 30 38s 2m 51s
2016 FLO 60 Aluminum + Carbon 55s 4m 9s
2016 FLO 90 Aluminum + Carbon 1m 0s 4m 29s
2016 FLO DISC Aluminum + Carbon 1m 14s 5m 31s
2016 FLO 45 Carbon Clincher 55s 4m 6s
2016 FLO 60 Carbon Clincher 1m 3s 4m 41s
2016 FLO 90 Carbon Clincher 1m 4s 4m 48s
2016 FLO DISC Carbon Clincher 1m 11s 5m 19s

The above time savings were calculated using our Net Drag Reduction Value (NDRV) equation. The NDRV equation is designed to give cyclists an accurate estimate of expected time savings using FLO wheels. Learn more about our Net Drag Reduction Value equation.

Wheel Specs

FLO 60 Front Rear
Weight* 859g 991g
Rim 700c Carbon Clincher 700c Carbon Clincher
Brake Track None None
Tubeless Compatible Yes Yes
Rim Depth 62.8mm 62.8mm
Brake Track Width 24.4mm 24.4mm
Max Fairing Width** 26.9mm 26.9mm
Internal Rim Width 18.0mm 18.0mm
Carbon Finish Matte UD Carbon Fiber*** Matte UD Carbon Fiber***
Spokes Sapim CX-Ray Sapim CX-Ray
Spoke Count 24 24 Standard (<198lbs) / 28 Clydesdale (<242lbs)
Spoke Pattern 2 Cross 2 Cross Standard / 3 Cross Clydesdale
Brake 6 Bolt or Centerlock 6 Bolt or Centerlock
Skewer QR and 12mm Thru Axle - 15mm Thru Axle Kit Available QR and 12mm Thru Axle
Free Hub n/a Shimano 9/10/11 OR Campy 9/10/11
Bearings 6900 Japanese EZO Stainless 6802 Japanese EZO Stainless
Recommended Tire Pressure See our Tire Pressure Guide (Max pressure 120 PSI) See our Tire Pressure Guide (Max pressure 120 PSI)
Recommended Tire Size 23mm-28mm 23mm-28mm

* Wheel weights are subject to a +/- 5% variance.

** Our wider rims do not fit all frames. See our fit guide.

*** Small surface imperfections are normal with a matte carbon finish.

Sapim CX-Ray Spokes

World Class Spokes

Sapim spokes are used around the world by top wheel builders.

What People are Saying

"What a story they are telling with these wheels. The design process was, as far as I can see, the most comprehensive and advanced this industry has ever seen, bar none."

"When you look closely at the data and run these new wheels through the models, they are aerodynamically as sound than anything created by the big players in the industry. What sets FLO apart is that their wheels come in at half the price without sacrificing performance."

"When a company tells you their new product is 2-3% faster than their original, you take notice. When FLO tells us that their new FLO 60 Carbon Clincher is 22.20% faster than their previous model, you shut up and ask whom to make the check out to."