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Front FLO 30

When designing the FLO 30 we created what we like to call the Swiss Army Knife of cycling wheels. To make an incredibly aero wheel, we designed a unique angled brake track that allowed us to fit a fully wide toroidal profile into a 30mm rim. On top of that, the FLO 30 is lightweight, extremely durable, and even more affordable than our FLO 60, 90 and DISC.

The FLO 30's unique rim shape was designed using CD-adapco's STAR-CCM+ Computational Fluid Dynamic Software, and tested in the A2 Wind Tunnel. The wheel is finished off with Sapim CX-Ray spokes, FLO VORTEX Hubs and FLO WIDE RIDE rims with angled brake tracks that start at 24.0mm and end at 25.82mm. All of this adds up to a 1,585g wheel that cuts through the wind and rides incredibly well.

If you are looking for the Swiss Army Knife of cycling wheels, the FLO 30 is the wheel for you.

Rim:  FLO 30 (Angled Brake Track 24mm - 25.8mm)


Spokes:  Sapim CX-Ray