Getting Started with Your FLO Wheels

The list of videos below will take you through the initial steps required to set up your new FLO wheels, and detail some routine maintenance. Enjoy watching the videos.

Owner's Manual

We also have an Owner's Manual that you can download, read and print. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

What you Need

Installing Rim Tape

Installing a Silca Extender

Installing a Tire

Removing a Cassette

Installing a Cassette

Installing a Front Wheel

Horizontal vs. Vertical Dropouts

Installing a Rear Wheel - Vertical Dropouts

Installing a Rear Wheel - Horizontal Dropouts

Installing Carbon Brake Pads

Installing a Freehub

Freehub Maintenance

Wheel Truing Tips

Removing a Valve Extender

Removing Water

Replacing Bearings

Replacing Hub Pawls and Springs

Replacing a Hub Axle

Replacing Hub End Caps