First Ride on FLO 60's

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First Ride on FLO 60's

Postby louielouie62 » November 10th, 2014, 3:17 pm

This is a ride report on my FLo 60's which I finally was able to ride yesterday 09 NOV 2014.
I have been cycling seriously since January 2008. I have done some very impressive and long multi-day rides in the past 6 years. Three RAGBRAI's(seven days/480 miles), FOUR Vueltas of Puerto Rico(three days/ 375 miles around the entire coast of Puerto Rico), and numerous MS150'S in the Houston, Texas area.

I have gotten pretty good at determing how fast I go based on the cadence displayed on my computer. I say this because this is how I established a CONTROL comparison against the FLO 60's.

With my previous wheels, the Pinarello MOst Chall( around 35mm deep) the stock wheels that came with my bike. I would ride my big chainring (50T) with my 16T cog in the rear. In order to get to 20mph with that setup I would have to do 88RPM on the cadence. Only when I got to 20mph I would start to feel the "aero" effect(It gets easier to pedal and you don't have to work as hard to maintain it). How do I know this you ask? Because the 50/16 combination just happens to be my favorite gear. I have actually worn out the 16T cog quicker than all the other ones in my cassette!

Now for the amazing results with the FLO 60's:

The "MAGIC NUMBER" is 18MPH: That is the speed at which I start to feel the "AERO" effect on the FLO 60's!!

CADENCE AT 20mph: 80RPM(This is NOT a TYPO!) 80RPM@20MPH!! At first I thought I was in the wrong gear but no, there it was on the 16T. Then I thought, "there must be a tailwind" so I turned around and THEN there was a tailwind!! 21.7MPH@80RPM. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!!

When I got into the drops and started to really hammer the pedals I got to my usual 88RPM cadence and I was FLYING at 23.6MPH so I recorded a 3.6MPH gain on the FLO's at 88RPM and a cadence SAVINGS of 8Revs Per Minute!! That comes out to 480Revs Savings each hour!!

SO, what's the conclusion here? That the FLO 60's will make you QUICKER and maybe FASTER and save you a bunch of watts in the long run!! Watts you can call upon when you're almost to the finish line!!

There you have it folks, for what it's worth.

Luis Munoz
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Re: First Ride on FLO 60's

Postby Chris Thornham » December 18th, 2014, 1:10 pm

Thank you very much for taking the time to write this review Luis. Very happy to hear you are enjoying your new wheels!

Take care,
Chris Thornham
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