Any Canadian FLO Wheel users here??

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Re: Any Canadian FLO Wheel users here??

Postby heppers » December 17th, 2012, 4:25 pm

Hi - I had 2 60s delivered to Bc and paid $225 in import charges....

not sure how the import taxes will vary state to state - most of it wasn't tax per-se rather than the UPS customs charge...
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Re: Any Canadian FLO Wheel users here??

Postby Forsey » December 18th, 2012, 10:11 am

You are getting hit with GST and HST. In Alberta we only get hit with the GST. I paid about $150 back in July for 3 wheels.
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Re: Any Canadian FLO Wheel users here??

Postby darlh123 » December 22nd, 2012, 11:31 am

I received my wheels today :)
GST applied ($44.31)
Handling Fee ($9.95)
No duty applied

Image of the Canada Border Services paperwork

Cheers, Darryl.
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Re: Any Canadian FLO Wheel users here??

Postby yu177089 » December 22nd, 2012, 3:13 pm

Very jealous Darryl. I'm still waiting for mine.

I live in Oakville so there is a chance that they will arrive on Monday Dec 24th.

If not, hopefully before the new year!

I'm expecting to pay as much as 19.5% (HST + 6.5% duty), but hope I can get away with GST only.

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Re: Any Canadian FLO Wheel users here??

Postby n00f » January 29th, 2013, 11:54 am

Any update? It would much appreciated!
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Re: Any Canadian FLO Wheel users here??

Postby enderwiggan » March 7th, 2013, 10:00 am

I just got my wheel last week and it cost 168.79!!! I'm based in Toronto, Ontario. FLO can you please switch to USPS, whenever I buy something from the U.S. and UPS is the shipper I get killed. I've decided I'm no longer buying from stores that use UPS. I beg you please switch to USPS, they are so much cheaper. :(

That said, the wheel looks great, if only the weather was better I'd take for a test ride.
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Re: Any Canadian FLO Wheel users here??

Postby bikerdude221 » March 7th, 2013, 10:50 am

So here is the proof to my original posting...

Look at what darlh123 ( 2 wheels in Toronto/$54.26) got charged then you have enderwiggan (1 wheel in Toronto/$168.79) and heppers (2 wheels in BC/$220) being nailed to the wall by being charged extra.

There is no consistencies. I think enderwiggan and heppers should contest the fees based on darlh123's image. But I'm sure it will take a while in the hopes you forget about it and they keep your hard earned $$
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Re: Any Canadian FLO Wheel users here??

Postby Chris Thornham » March 7th, 2013, 2:54 pm

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Re: Any Canadian FLO Wheel users here??

Postby PsychoMike » March 8th, 2013, 12:21 pm

Bikerdude and enderwiggan...UPS fees are definitely part of it, but part of it may also be duties. The provinces with HST really get socked when it comes to tax.

It also depends on the knowledge of the CRA inspector looking at your box. Some slot them into "bike wheels" which is an expensive tax / duty bracket and others drop them into bike parts, which is a lot less.
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Re: Any Canadian FLO Wheel users here??

Postby psteinbring1 » March 10th, 2013, 2:26 pm

This is going to be an incredibly long post so if you don't want to read this whole thing just know that from my personal experience from buying from Flo wheels DO NOT USE UPS WHEN SHIPPING TO CANADA, select the USPS option instead. I would like to thank Flo Cycling for all their help and especially Jon who had to put up with me for several days phoning and emailing questions and asking for help with my duty dispute with UPS.

I have just received my Flo wheels on Friday after spending four days in a duty dispute with UPS. Basically on Tuesday UPS showed up at my house with my wheels, they wanted $380 for the two wheels that I ordered. They had double charged me both duty and GST so i refused to pay and stared my duty dispute with UPS. It took four days, several phone calls to UPS, many conversations with Jon at Flo wheels and many many hours of duty research. Finally on Friday UPS informed me that they duty had been reassessed and i could finally pick up my wheels. I am still not sure what these reason was for UPS double charging me, they claimed the wrong paper work was sent, however, it's my understanding that Flo has sent several wheels to Canada and has never encountered this problem. Also from speaking with Jon he did address that several Canadians were having the same problem I had.

During these four days of duty dispute i learned the hard way there is a right and wrong way to order Flo wheels...unfortunately I did it the wrong way and learned a very valuable lesson I wanted to share with everyone so that hopefully others can learn from my mistake and save some $$.

When i ordered my wheels i was aware that I would have to pay GST(depending on the province you live in this may vary but its 5% in Alberta) and 6.5% duty. What i wasn't aware of that you have to pay a boarder service charge, this is standard fee and is charged per package. So here is the breakdown, I ordered two wheels and shipped through UPS. Since Flo sent two boxes that is an automatic $160 charge at the border, then they charge GST which was 962*.05=$48.10 and 6.5% duty 962*.065=$62.53. The service charge is really what kills you at the border, I am not sure what the reason is for Flo shipping both wheels separate but it really adds up the charges. My total ended up being $270.63....oh and if you want to dispute the duty they tack on $50 to that charge so make that $320.63.

What i should have done is order through USPS...yes this probably would have taken longer BUT their boarder service charge is only $9.95 (compare this to $80 and remember if you order two wheels you have to double this charge). Then add GST and duty, plus, and this is just an assumption based on forum postings, but it looks like people who aren't getting charged duty are actually ordering through would be great if people could post not only what they were charged but who they shipped through. So in the end using USPS would of cost me (9.95*2)+(962*.05)+(962*.065)=$123.40 and possibly less if they deemed this duty free.
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