FLO 60 in Toronto, Canada

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FLO 60 in Toronto, Canada

Postby Raymond » October 6th, 2017, 7:11 pm

I have a set of FLO 60 front and 60 rear carbon clicher wheels that I bought on Feb 16 2017. I used them for only 3 time trial events. Since I recently switched to road bike instead of triathlon, my road bike only takes disk wheels. Hence I have to let them go. I'm the original owner I can print receipt from my FLO account. The stickers on the wheels are stealth red. No dent or anything on the surface of the wheels. The wheel set also includes everything that comes with it.

You can email you offer to raymondlu@rlfunds.com, and ask for pictures.

Thank you Thornham brothers, those are the best and fastest wheel set since I started triathlon.
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