Aluminium Disc faster than carbon disc?

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Aluminium Disc faster than carbon disc?

Postby tommy060289 » October 4th, 2016, 2:27 pm

Hi, was looking at the aero data for your disc wheels and notice that the 2012 (alu + carbon) is virtually identical to the 2016 carbon disc and the 2016 disc is actually faster in aluminium form vs just carbon. Is this right as it defies the logic of all the other wheels.

Also, I currently use Mavic CXR 80's which are a fast tubular wheel. Any idea how much benefit a disc wheel would provide over a 40k TT?


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Re: Aluminium Disc faster than carbon disc?

Postby Chris Thornham » October 5th, 2016, 5:25 pm

Thanks for writing. Both 2016 FLO DISC wheels are faster than the 2012 model. The difference isn't huge simply because improving the aerodynamics of a disc wheel is quite challenging. The A+C version is slightly faster but only by a very small amount.

We have never directly tested the Mavic CXR wheel against our wheels so it's impossible for me to say exactly what the difference would be. I'd "guess" it would be similar to the difference between our 90mm wheel and our DISC. Possibly a little better... but again it's impossible to say without direct testing.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Take care,
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