Wheel deflection questions

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Wheel deflection questions

Postby aj``` » September 13th, 2016, 10:43 am

I suppose I should have asked this question here, rather than another "general" forum.

Anyone with 'experience' on the Clyde build?

I'm a biggish dude. Winter weight ~200
Fighting weight in the summer ~190-slightly less than 200
Used to be 300, but that's another story.

I've moved to my first new (secondhand) TT bike. It's a '14 QR Kilo c.
Still using the factory Shimano R500 wheelset with 24 spokes.
I'm getting some lateral distortion if I put some weight/force on the pedals going up the hill.

I'm hoping that the Clydesdale build on either the carbon (or carbon/alum, which is where I'm leaning) would potentially mitigate that? I'm a completer, so I have no problem adding a few extra grams. It's not a question of Clyde/not Clyde build. It's a question of....barring any unknown issues with the make/model of the frame, should I be relatively worry free in taking the plunge?

Anyone with experience in this arena? I know every bike, rider, wheelset is different. I've seen some reviews of the R500 where a few people had the same issues as I have, but it doesn't appear widespread. I've yet to try dropping the tire pressure, but I'm usually under the rated max to start with, checked for cracks in the frame/etc.

I figure I just want new wheels. :) Hopefully I won't have the issue with some Flos (likely carbon/alum). 60/90? 60/60....havent' decided yet.
But, most importantly, I have decided on the colors of the decals.
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Re: Wheel deflection questions

Postby Chris Thornham » September 14th, 2016, 9:47 am

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