Clydesdale builds

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Clydesdale builds

Postby OR_biker » January 19th, 2016, 4:54 pm


I'm VERY interested in getting some 30's. The idea of lower pressure in my tires from a wide-rimmed wheel is quite intriguing for me, as the majority of my biking comes from a 29 mile round-trip commute to work and more comfort is always welcome. Plus, I really like what you guys are doing at Flo so would like to support your company.

I'm looking mainly at the 30's (versus 60's) due to price and wind. To save a few bucks I wouldn't even mind getting only a rear 30 to start since that's where I'd most likely notice/appreciate the lower PSI, and I live near the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon (wind surfers love it here) so I'm hesitant in getting a deeper section wheel right now since I'm wanting an everyday wheel, and I've been blown around a bit even with my current wheels - Mavic CXP22's. Eventually I want to get the 60's as well, but I've got to start slow if I want to stay married :-)

It's nice to see that you seem to be getting better with maintaining some stock of the 30's, but unfortunately they're only the standard builds. I get down around 198 lbs. during the summer when I'm riding a lot more on the weekends as well as commuting, but typically I sit around 205 and carry about 5-10 extra lbs. of stuff while commuting, so I'm sure a Clydesdale is what I'm needing.

Do you guys have any plans to increase the number of available Clydesdale builds (specifically the 30's) in your next sale? Not sure if it's something you've looked at or if you've seen enough of a demand, but this guy would really appreciate it!



P.S: Since I've already written a novel, I'll just throw in here that I'm really impressed with your website too. The blog articles are very informative and I can tell you put in a lot of thought and effort into everything you do on here.
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Re: Clydesdale builds

Postby Chris Thornham » January 22nd, 2016, 10:54 pm

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