First Impression of Flo 60s

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First Impression of Flo 60s

Postby lorenrussell » August 28th, 2014, 9:43 pm

I'm a Flo newbie [Order 14, 2x Flo 60]. I'm in my 70s, and most of my riding is solo, and short and fairly sharp. Two hours or less on road or gravel/trail. This time of the year I'm on my cross bike a lot, but I've had 3 rides with the 60s on my road bike:

1. A 20.0 mile loop with 1000 feet elevation gain/loss -- several short, fairly steep rollers, one 3-mile a bit more than false flat. Averaged 18.7 mph. I usually average a bit above 17 mph, and two week before in identical conditions I did it at 17.5 mph, and over 4 minutes slower.

2. A 35 mile out and back with 1800 feet gain/loss with 2 climbs over a 500-foot ridge in the middle, and 12+ mph crosswinds. Averaged 17.4 mph

3. A 60 mile loop with 1200 climbing in the first 15 miles, then pan flat with light headwind back home. Averaged 17.9 mph. This was longer than I'm used and very hot, so I was dying the last 10-15 miles. Up to then was maintaining 18.5 mph.

My regular wheels are Rolf Primas, light and pretty aero [ca 30mm, reduced spokes]. And so far I'm riding about 1 mph faster with the Flo 60s in a variety of conditions, faster even on false flats, as long as I'm maintaining more than 10mph. I don't notice the weight, at least in short punchy climbs on these rides. Will go back to the Rolfs for the 10 mile grind up our local mountain... Meanwhile, the Flos are my go-to wheelset. I've found, even at my geriatric pace, aero wins!
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Re: First Impression of Flo 60s

Postby Chris Thornham » September 7th, 2014, 3:18 pm

Those paces are far from geriatric! Those are great paces. Thanks for taking the time to write your review.

Keep enjoying your FLO wheels!
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Re: First Impression of Flo 60s

Postby Liaman » September 17th, 2014, 1:44 am

It's times like this that the forum needs a Facebook style "like" button.
Loren's review would have gotten a thumbs up from me - I hope I'm even still able to ride a bike in my 70's, let alone average 18mph+!
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