Excellent morning on my Flos

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Excellent morning on my Flos

Postby LOW2000 » July 18th, 2014, 11:12 am

Throw your disc on the back for a course where you've only run a 90/90 combo before and this happens:

48 trophies overall this morning.

Thank you guys for your fantastic hard work to bring us great wheels at a great price.

Next up is to swap out the butyl I still have in front to Michelin latex like I already have in the disc, the ride is great!!
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Re: Excellent morning on my Flos

Postby Chris Thornham » August 9th, 2014, 1:38 pm

Wow!!! That's amazing. Congrats on such a great ride. We are very happy to hear you are loving your FLO wheels.

Take care,
Chris Thornham
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