General Questions

Can I get a PowerTap laced into my FLO wheels?

We do not sell prebuilt wheels with Powertap hubs. We sell individual FLO rims, that you can build your own Powertap into.

Compatible Rims

  • FLO 30 Aluminum
  • FLO 45 Carbon Clincher
  • FLO 60 Carbon Clincher
  • FLO 90 Carbon Clincher

Incompatible Rims

  • FLO 60 Aluminum + Carbon
  • FLO 90 Aluminum + Carbon
  • FLO DISC Aluminum + Carbon
  • FLO DISC Carbon Clincher

What size tires do you recommend with your wheels?

We recommend 23mm-28mm x 700c tires for FLO wheels. For more information about how particular tires perform on our wheels, see our tire study.

Do you offer 650c wheels?

Currently we only offer 700c wheels. We do not have immediate plans to sell 650c wheels.

Do you offer tubular wheels?

We do not sell tubular wheels and currently have no plans to do so.

Will you make your wheels with fewer spokes or a unique lacing pattern?

No. We are not able to offer fewer spokes or unique lacing patterns at this time.

Is your carbon fiber structural?

All of our Carbon Clincher model wheels have structural carbon fiber. All of our Aluminum + Carbon, and Aluminum wheels use an aluminum rim as the structural component of the wheel. Our Aluminum + Carbon wheels also have a non structural carbon fiber fairing for improved aerodynamics.

Can I buy just your rims or fairings?

The following rims can be purchased by themselves. All other wheels are sold as a complete build only.

Sold as Rim Only

  • FLO 30 Aluminum
  • FLO 45 Carbon Clincher
  • FLO 60 Carbon Clincher
  • FLO 90 Carbon Clincher

Are FLO quick release skewers compatible with all frames?

FLO quick release skewers are compatible with most modern day bicycle frames. FLO quick release skewers may be incompatible with older bicycle frames, classic frames and frames with semi-horizontal dropouts. Please contact us or a qualified bicycle mechanic if you have questions.

What pressure should I inflate my tires to?

Proper tire pressure varies on tire size and rider weight. Please see our tire pressure blog article that describes this topic in detail.

Are your wheels durable enough to use for training and racing?

All of our wheels are designed and built to be used for both training and racing.

Brake Pads

What brake pads should I use with my FLO wheels?

Aluminum and Aluminum + Carbon Wheels

All Aluminum and Aluminum + Carbon wheels in the list below should use aluminum rated alloy brake pads. Wheels damaged as a result of using the wrong brake pads will not be covered by warranty.

  • FLO 30 Aluminum
  • FLO 60 Aluminum + Carbon
  • FLO 90 Aluminum + Carbon
  • FLO DISC Aluminum + Carbon

Carbon Clincher Wheels

All Carbon Clincher wheels listed will come with FLO brake pads that MUST be used with our wheels in order to maintain the warranty. Use of any brake pads other than FLO brake pads on Carbon Clincher wheels will void the warranty.

  • FLO 45 Carbon Clincher
  • FLO 60 Carbon Clincher
  • FLO 90 Carbon Clincher
  • FLO DISC Carbon Clincher

Braking Performance

I've heard carbon clincher wheels do not stop as quickly as aluminum rims. Is this true?

The braking performance of carbon clincher wheels is highly dependent upon the epoxy resin system and brake pads used. Our FLO brake pads have been formulated to work our epoxy resin system which optimizes braking. In our ride tests, we do not feel there is a noticeable difference between braking performance when comparing our Carbon Clincher wheels to our Aluminum and Aluminum + Carbon wheels.

Carbon Fiber

What type of carbon fiber do you use?

Our Carbon Clincher wheels use a combination of UD, and 3K carbon fiber. Our Carbon Clincher wheels have mainly a UD carbon fiber appearance, and the 3K carbon fiber is used in key locations for structural purposes. Our Aluminum + Carbon wheels use all 3K carbon fiber. All wheels have a matte finish.


What type of Rims do you use?

All FLO rims are proprietary and designed in house by FLO.

Why aren't your aluminum rims silver?

Our aluminum rims are anodized with a black finish. This has no performance effect on the wheel and does not effect braking.

Will the black finish wear off?

The black anodization will eventually wear off of your aluminum rim. The rate at which this occurs depends primarily on the weather conditions. In dry conditions, the finish can last for years. In wet conditions, the finish can begin to wear off in as little as one ride.


What type of spokes do you use?

We use Sapim CX-Ray spokes in all of our wheels except for our FLO DISC wheels. The FLO DISC wheels use Sapim Laser spokes. This is simply because a disc wheel does not benefit from an "aero" spoke.

How many spokes do your wheels have?

All of our FLO front wheels have 20 spokes in a radial pattern. Our standard rear wheels have 24 spokes in a 2 cross pattern, and our clydesdale rear wheels have 28 spokes in a 3 cross pattern.

What color are your spokes? Can I get Black Spokes?

All of our spokes are Silver. We currently do not offer black spokes.


What type of hubs do you use?

We use high quality FLO VORTEX and FLO VORTEX 2 hubs constructed with 7075 aluminum. Here is a video showing how our hubs are made.

What type of bearings do you use?

We use Japanese EZO Stainless Steel bearings.

You can read more about our bearings here on our blog.

Do you offer compatibility with 9, 10 and 11 speed Shimano/SRAM hubs?

Yes. We offer compatibility with Shimano/SRAM 9, 10 and 11 speed cassettes. Note: Only FLO DISCs purchased after March 1, 2014 are compatible with 11 speed cassettes.

Do you offer Campy Compatible Hubs?

Yes. We offer compatibility with Campy 9, 10 and 11 speed cassettes.