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Front FLO 30

Exceptional aerodynamics in a shallow, lightweight, and durable package. Perfect for everyday riding or racing.

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Stainless Bearings: $224 / Ceramic Bearings: $324

Rider Type

Is this wheel for you?

Triathlon/Time Trial

The front FLO 30 makes an excellent off season training wheel or a front wheel for triathletes and time trialists who are very sensitive to crosswinds. It's also a great option for those training and racing on a budget. If you are looking for a wheel more suited for racing, and aren't sensitive to crosswinds, the front FLO 60 or front FLO 90 will make better front wheel choices.

Road Racing

The front FLO 30 makes a great front wheel for crits and stages races, specifically if there is a lot of climbing. For an extra aero advantage, consider the front FLO 60 or front FLO 90.


The front FLO 30 is an excellent front wheel for recreational riders. Quality components make it very durable, and it offers a great aerodynamic benefit. The wide rim allows you to keep your tire pressure lower, improving corning and making your ride more comfortable. If you're looking for an even better aero advantage, with the same everyday durability and comfort, consider the front FLO 60.

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Wheel Specs

FLO 30 Front Rear
Weight* 725g 899g
Rim 700c Aluminum Clincher 700c Aluminum Clincher
Brake Track Width Angled (24.0-25.82mm) Angled (24.0-25.82mm)
Depth 30mm 30mm
Max Rim Width 25.96mm 25.96mm
Spokes Sapim CX-Ray Sapim CX-Ray
Spoke Count 20 24 Standard (<198lbs) / 28 Clydesdale (<242lbs)
Spoke Pattern Radial 2 Cross Standard / 3 Cross Clydesdale
Free Hub - Shimano 9/10/11 OR Campy 9/10/11
Bearings EZO Stainless or TPI Ceramic EZO Stainless or TPI Ceramic

* Wheel weights are subject to a +/- 5% variance.

FLO Aero Data

A2 Wind Tunnel Results

See how much time FLO wheels can save you over common Ironman and cycling races.

Wide Toroidal Rim Shapes

Improved Aerodynamics and Handling

Wide rim shapes and brake tracks, improve aerodynamics, reduce the effects of side winds and improve rolling resistance.


Reliable Performance

FLO VORTEX Hubs are made from high quality 7075 aluminum and come with Japanese EZO stainless steel or ceramic bearings. The hubs are designed to be lightweight (78g front / 244g rear) and easily serviceable. Read a full write up on FLO VORTEX HUBS here.

Sapim CX-Ray

World Class Spokes

Sapim makes only the best spokes. It's the reason they're used around the world by top wheel builders. Read a full write up on Sapim CX-Ray here.