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Front FLO 30

When designing the FLO 30 we created what we like to call the Swiss Army Knife of cycling wheels. To make an incredibly aero wheel, we designed a unique angled brake track that allowed us to fit a fully wide toroidal profile into a 30mm rim. On top of that, the FLO 30 is lightweight, extremely durable, and even more affordable than our FLO 60, 90 and DISC.

The FLO 30's unique rim shape was designed using CD-adapco's STAR-CCM+ Computational Fluid Dynamic Software, and tested in the A2 Wind Tunnel. The wheel is finished off with Sapim CX-Ray spokes, FLO VORTEX Hubs and FLO WIDE RIDE rims with angled brake tracks that start at 24.0mm and end at 25.82mm. All of this adds up to a 1,624g wheelset that cuts through the wind and rides incredibly well.

If you are looking for the Swiss Army Knife of cycling wheels, the FLO 30 is the wheel for you.


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FLO 30 Front Wheel Rear Wheel
Weight * 725 grams 899 grams (927 grams Clydesdale)
Rim Angled (24.0-25.82mm Al Brake Track) 700c Angled (24.0-25.82mm Al Brake Track) 700c
Depth 30mm 30mm
Fairing None (All Aluminum Rim) None (All Aluminum Rim)
Spokes Sapim CX-Ray Sapim CX-Ray
Spoke Count 20 24 (28 for Clydesdale 198-242lbs)
Spoke Pattern Radial 2 Cross (3 Cross Clydesdale)
Max Rim Width 25.96mm 25.96mm
Bearings Stainless Steel OR Ceramic Stainless Steel OR Ceramic
Tire Type Clincher Clincher

* Wheel weights are subject to a +/- 5% variance.

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FLO 30 Rim Shape

flo wheels

The FLO 30 Wide Toroidal Rim has been designed using CD-adapco's STAR-CCM+ computational fluid dynamics software. Our unique rim shape offers leading edge aerodynamics and increased crosswind stability. Read a full write up on our FLO 30 here.


flo wheels

The FLO 30 features our WIDE RIDE Rims with angled brake tracks. The 24..0-25.82mm wide aluminum brake track makes the perfect transition from tire to rim giving air a smooth path to follow. The additional width underfoot also provides improved handling, cornering and a low rolling resistance. Read a full write up on FLO WIDE RIDE rims here.


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FLO VORTEX Hubs are made from high quality 7075 aluminum and come with Japanese EZO stainless steel or ceramic bearings. The hubs are designed to be lightweight (78g front / 244g rear) and easily serviceable. Read a full write up on FLO VORTEX HUBS here.

Bike for a Kid

We've weaved social responsibility into our culture by developing the Bike for a Kid Program. With every set of ceramic bearing wheels sold, we will donate a bike and a helmet to a less fortunate child. We've teamed up with Huffy and Bell Sports to ensure we provide quality products and promote safety. For more information about the program, please feel free to visit our Bike for a Kid page.

Bikes with Potential Fit Issues

There are two categories below. The first category are bikes that will have a tight fit and the second category are bikes that our wheels will simply not fit on. Any bike marked "tight fit" "may" experience occasional light rubbing when used by strong sprinters or heavier riders. No wheel or frame damage should occur.

Tight Fit
- Argon 18 e-114
- Blue Triad SL (21mm or 22mm rear tire required)
- Cervelo P4 (very tight)
- Early Model Cervelo Soloist
- Giant Trinity Alliance
- Scott Plasma 2
- Scott Plasma 3
- Kestrel 4000
- Specialized Tarmac SL2

Won't Fit
- Ridley Noah (Front wheel will not fit. Rear wheel very tight)
- Ridley Dean (Ridley informed us that our wheels will more than likely not fit.)

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